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Welcome to the Hatteras Harbor Marina Fishing Report.
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Tuna and Dolphin


Red Drum

Lots of Tuna Salad there!

40lb Dolph

40lb Dolphin

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Hatteras Harbor Fishing Report

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Another beautiful day despite strong SW winds. Several charters fished offshore and it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. The King Mackerel were biting again today. There was also a good Blackfin Tuna bite. A few Dolphin were boated and one Wahoo was caught. Bookings for charters have picked up, so don't miss your chance to go fishing! Give us a call at 800-676-4939.

Friday, February 23, 2018

What a beautiful day on Hatteras Island, it's been hard staying in the office. Fog and light winds this morning lead to a gorgeous afternoon with slick calm conditions for the boats return to the dock. Four boats headed out this morning with hopes of catching fish and the captains didn't disappoint. With a wide variety of fish landing on the dock. King Mackerel were the most abundant followed by Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna and even a Sailfish was released.


Jeffrey Smith of Virginia Beach, VA released a Sailfish on Tuna Duck

Jerry Pittman of Virginia Beach, VA caught a 30lb Blackfin Tuna on Good Times

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What a beautiful day to be outside - the weather is absolutely gorgeous! We had one charter to head out to the Gulfstream and they were rewarded with a good catch of Blackfin Tuna. They returned with smiling faces and red cheeks from the abundant sunshine. We are currently booking charters - so don't miss out on your opportunity to get out fishing! We offer inshore, near shore and offshore trips.


Robert Caulkins of Sequin, WA: 25 lb. Blackfin Tuna on Good Times.

Karry Batson of Sequin, WA: 20 lb. Blackfin Tuna on Good Times.

William Batson of Sequin, WA: 25 lb. Blackfin Tuna on Good Times.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

A few boats today tried their hand on a fairly choppy day. They found both Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna and headed back to the dock a little early. Weather was in the mid 50's with a steady 20-25mph wind. 

Predator: David Taylor of Chesapeake, VA caught a 25lb Blackfin Tuna.

Friday, February 16, 2018

SW winds kept all boats docked today. Warmer weather and calmer winds should allow charters to get out by Sunday - with temperatures forecast to be in the 70's! We're looking forward to more Spring-like conditions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sending out lots of love and good wishes from all the fishes at Hatteras Harbor Marina! We had a boat fish offshore today with a happy couple celebrating Valentine's Day. They returned early with a real nice catch of Blackfin Tuna. It's been a rather damp, blustery day with warmer weather expected later this week. 


Scott Burrows of Westminster, MD: 24 lb. and 26 lb. Blackfin Tuna on Tuna Duck.

Joy Caspers of Westminster, MD: 24 lb. and 26 lb. Blackfin Tuna on Tuna Duck.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

So warm today! Temperatures were pushing close to 70 today with a light breeze. No boats were fishing today but several captains were on their boats working on getting ready for their next anglers. That could be you so give us a call 1-800-676-4939.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

South winds brought much warmer temperatures along with some rain showers. One charter fished offshore today and were rewarded with a dozen to twenty nice size Blackfin Tuna. Sounds like the tuna has been waiting for anglers to get out and throw some bait in their direction! Mild temps are predicted this week with chances of showers each day. Don't miss out if you're on the island - February is a great time to venture to the Gulf Stream.

Friday, February 09, 2018

We finally had an offshore charter that managed to get out and fish! It has been a while. Winds blew from the northeast making for a considerably rough ride, but they persevered and made it back with a nice jag of Yellowfin Tuna. The weather is supposed to warm up but it will be accompanied by several days of rain. Don't miss out on your chance to go fishing - we offer inshore, near shore, and offshore charters. Give us a call at 800-676-4939 and we'll be glad to hook you up!

Friday, January 26, 2018

We had a commercial boat head offshore this morning. He reported some Yellowfin Tuna and stated that he broke a Bluefin Tuna off and lost it. Warmer weather is forecast for this weekend along with some rain. Interested in fishing? Give us a call at 800-676-4939 and book the fishing adventure of your choice!

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