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Welcome to the Hatteras Harbor Marina Fishing Report.
Our fishing reports appear just below these photos. Be sure to visit this page daily for current fishing reports and photos. Thank you and good fishing!


Dolphin and Billfish releases.


Dock full of Bluefish.

Lots of Tuna Salad there!

40lb Dolph

40lb Dolphin

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Hatteras Harbor Fishing Report

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


We are currently looking for a couple of people to fill a make up trip on Saturday, give us a call at 1-800-676-4939 or simply sign up on our website under make up trips.

Offshore anglers had scattered catches of Dolphin mostly bailer size. The Wahoo bite is starting to pick up. Bite Me released a Blue Marlin and White Marlin and Godspeed released a Sailfish.

Drum fishing was difficult this morning but  Bluefish and Trout made a good showing. Spanish Mackerel were boated along the beach


Carmin Wingeler of Huntersville, NC released a Sailfish on Godspeed

Jonathan Csontos of Stow, OH released a Blue Marlin on Bite Me

Gabriel Losey of Fast Longmeadow, MA released a White Marlin on Bite Me

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Red Drum fishing in the Pamlico Sound continues to be good. Our inshore boats run morning and afternoon trips for groups of 4-6-people.

The offshore catch today was scrappy with scattered Dolphin, a few Blackfin Tuna, and some Wahoo. Offshore trips are full day charters for groups of 6 people. If you have less than 6 in your group, we offer Make-up charters! Call 1-800-676-4939 to book your next fishing adventure.


Brandon Vislay of Connoquenessing, PA: 42lb. Wahoo on Good Times.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Much improved weather had all of the boats out fishing today. Fishing was on the scrappier side with boats catching scattered Dolphin and Wahoo. A few Blackfin Tuna and King Mackerel were caught as well. The billfish bite was good for some. Gambler released 2 Sailfish. Hatteras Fever and Tuna Duck both released a Sailfish and Release had a Blue Marlin.

Inshore the boats were catching good Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Speckled Trout


Tuna Duck: Ned Bement of Westchester, PA released a Sailfish.

Good Times: Mac Spinelli of Lombardy, Ontario caught a 40lb Wahoo.

Hatteras Fever: Jack Targgart of Charlotte, NC released a Sailfish.

Release: Conor Andrews of Merrick, NY released a Blue Marlin. Scott Andrews of Merrick, NY released a Blue Marlin.

Gambler: Will Oswalt of Dublin, OH released a Sailfish. Michael Oswalt of Dublin, OH released a Sailfish.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weather was windy today and with much better weather coming up trips were pushed forward. We should have almost the entire fleet out tomorrow so check back to see what they caught. Our webcam is back up and working so you can see what is going on. A couple of inshore boats fished this morning they reported back with good catches of Red Drum.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Several boats fished the Gulfstream today. Weather was nice, however,  fishing was a bit slow. Offshore boats returned with scattered catches of Dolphin, Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna. The Gambler boat hooked and released one Blue Marlin and two Sailfish!

Nice and calm on the Sound, inshore anglers brought in some Red Drum and Bluefish. Gray and Speckled Trout were caught and released due to being under sized.

Today's Citations:

Gambler: Eric Williams of Mooresville, NC - Sailfish Release

Roger Marshall of Mooresville, NC - Sailfish Release

Pete Bailey of Mooresville, NC - Blue Marlin Release

Book your fishing adventure today! 800-676-4939 .. We'll Hook You Up!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

There is nothing finer than a clamming expedition in the Pamlico Sound on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon! Our inshore boats can provide such an opportunity for up to 6 people per boat. Call 1-800-676-4939 for more information.  Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Gray Trout, Bluefish, and Sea Mullet are possible catches in the Sound. Today, inshore boats caught Red Drum.

Offshore boats returned with good catches of Mahi-Mahi, a few Wahoo, and a few Blackfin Tuna. Amberjack and Wreck fish Grouper were caught as well. Release released a White Marlin. Check out the charter boats on our website and plan your family's fishing adventure in advance or feel free to come down and watch the day's catch come in between 4-5-p.m. daily.


James Field of Alexandria, VA: 54lb. Wahoo on Release.

Michael Meekins of Chesapeake, VA: 42lb. Dolphin on Godspeed.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Sorry for the delay in the fishing report, internet was down for most of the island yesterday. Fair Dolphin, good Wahoo and a few Blackfin Tuna were being caught. A 300lb Tiger Shark was also released. On the bottom wreck fishing boats were pulling in Triggerfish and Sea Bass. Inshore boats caught good Red Drum and Spanish Mackerel.


Good Times: Cody Zabransky of Houston, TX caught a 14lb Tilefish.

Bite Me: Patrick Voit of Fredericksburg, VA caught a 41lb Dolphin.

Lucky Chip: Charles Marshall of White Hall, MD released a Barracuda.

Sundown: John Czajakowski of New Market, MD released a 108" Tiger Shark.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inshore boats returned this morning with catches of Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Gary Trout, and Sea Mullet. Stormy weather kept them in this afternoon.

Offshore boats encountered rough seas and stormy conditions today. Those that chose to stay out returned with good catches of Dolphin. Stormy seas usually provide a good Wahoo bite and today was no exception - a couple of large Wahoo were brought in! Yellowfin Tuna have shown back up again and we hope that continues - several good size ones were caught! Don't miss out, book your trip today.


Sarah Monk of Williamsburg, VA: 41lb. Wahoo on Hatteras Fever II.

Lee Monk of Williamsburg, VA: Sailfish release on Hatteras Fever II.

Kenny Monk of Albemarle, NC: Blue Marlin release on Hatteras Fever II.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What a beautiful day to spend time chilling on the water! Whether inshore, offshore, or near shore anglers were catching fish.

Inshore, the Red Drum bite continues to  be good with large schools spotted - what a sight! Some Bluefish were caught.

Near shore, the bite included Barracuda and Triggerfish.

Offshore boats returned with limits of Dolphin (bailers and gaffers) as well as some nice size Wahoo. Several Billfish were released today.

Don't forget that we offer Make-up Charters for Offshore trips!! Call 1-800-676-4939 for more information.


Zachary Brown of Barberton, OH: White Marlin release on Hatteras Blue.

Karen Uchmanowicz of Lakewood, OH: 41lb. Wahoo on Hatteras Fever II.

David Krum of Centie Hall, PA: Sailfish release on Godspeed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The day started out rainy and gloomy but cleared to a great day. Anglers were catching excellent Dolphin with Gaffer and Bailer sizes. Wahoo was in fair supply with several nice sized ones coming to the dock. Sailfish were on the prowl today with Godspeed, Lucky Chip and Bite Me all releasing one. Inshore Red Drum continued to bite as well as good clamming.


Lucky Chip: Anthony Dollins of Richmond, VA caught a 48lb Wahoo. Josh Peters of Richmond, VA released a Sailfish.

Godspeed: Olivia Matthews of St. Louis, MO released a Sailfish.

Bite Me: Daniel Farner of McDonald, PA released a Sailfish.

Gambler: Steven Wagner of Duck, NC caught a 51lb Wahoo.

Hatteras Blue: Patrick Crovo of Edgewater, MD caught  a 41lb Wahoo.


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